IELTS Exam Video Lesson - Listening Tips & Tutorials

IELTS Exam Tips for the Listening Test (Academic Module)

by Ian Nock
IELTS is a very practical exam. All of the academic module papers are designed to test how well you can handle studying in English at University or how well you can communicate in English in your professional life.
  • Watch the video above
  • Understanding the structure of the listening test
  • Read the entire question paper first
  • Follow all the instructions carefully - “if they say Write no more than tour words" then do not write numbers.
  • There are no marks taken off for wrong answers so guess if you don’t know
  • Write answers in the question book as you listen. Transfer them to the answer sheet at the end.
  • Answer questions with correct grammar
  • Read ahead during the 30 second “check answers” time.
  • Look for keywords in the questions e.g. Times, dates, places, peoples names,
  • Listen carefully: the recording is only played one time
  • Get to know the structure of the test - work with a private IELTS tutor.
  • Use the tips in the questions e.g. Q: What does Mary say about….? Here you have to listen for a FEMALE voice
  • The sections (1-4) get harder so make sure you answer the easy questions at the beginning of each part.
  • Listen for speakers changing what they say and correct your answer too: e.g. A guy says “Lets meet at 4.30pm” then later changes it to “Sorry, I meant 5.30pm”. Change 4.30 to 5.30
  • An IELTS expert teacher can help you improve your listening skills and get higher marks in the test.
  • The words in the recording are often chaining on the question sheet e.g. Recording “I live in an apartment on Victoria Road” Question: What type of home does Jack live in A. House B. Flat C. Terraced House

About the author - Ian Nock is CEO, Director of Studies and Senior Business Coach at

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