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Interview Tips 1 - Prepare for An Interview Video

HI and welcome to Job Interview Skills Hong Kong

Today I am going to tell you how to prepare for a Job Interview and get the job of your dreams!.

Having a job interview is a difficult experience for everyone. Follow these steps to reduce your nerves and make sure you are well prepared!

Firstly, research the company or organisation background IN DETAIL. For example:

• Visit their website & read the company reports
• Know who the directors and officers are
• What are their plans for the next year or so?

Make a file of the information and memorise it.

Secondly, make sure you know where the interview is and how to get there. Print out the address and take a map.

Thirdly, appearance is everything. Be over rather than underdressed. Have your business suit cleaned a week in advance. Polish your shoes & have your hair styled. If you are taking a bag make sure it’s suitable for the occasion (no rucksacks, sports bags or bright pink Birkins – sorry ladies!)

Next, call the person in charge of the interview a few days in advance to confirm your appointment. That will get your name remembered and make you stand out from the other candidates.

Now lets talk about the interview questions. Make a list of the interview questions you are likely to be asked and model answers – but don't repeat these word for word in the interview.

Also, make a list of questions you would like to know about the job, the pay, conditions and the company.

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You will learn how to

• Present yourself like a pro
• Handle difficult interview questions easily and effectively
• Sell yourself as the best candidate.

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