VIDEO LESSON: Learn English Negotiation Skills & Soft Skills - Course in Hong Kong

Negotiation Skills Video Course HK


Hi and welcome to

Negotiation Skills Course

Today I am going to tell you about our new Negotiation Skills Course

• Do you want to negotiate effectively with positive outcomes?
• Overcome the barriers you face when trying to sell your ideas?
• Achieve win-win solutions?

Then our Negotiation Skills Course is for you.

The most successful people in business and government today are all powerful and effective negotiators. Being able to successfully negotiate is a management skill that everyone needs.

After this course you will be able to
• Feel more confident when negotiating
• Negotiate under pressure
• Handle Questions & Objections from the other side easily

The course gives you in-depth negotiation skills training with intensive practice sessions so you can develop your negotiating skills and perform your best. Get the results that you deserve!

You will learn about the entire negotiations process from the planning stage right through to successful closing.

Our professional negotiations trainers will teach the most effective strategies for you to be successful in negotiations and have the confidence you need to achieve win-win outcomes every time.

Extensive practice negotiations are included with instant video feedback and advice from our expert trainers.

You will learn how to:
• Negotiate like a pro
• Make concessions favourable to you
• Handle objections easily and effectively
• Enhance your career

Apply now and get expert Negotiation Skills that will last you a lifetime!

Visit us at or call our Hotline 2916 8887.

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