VIDEO LESSON: IELTS Speaking Test Tips and Preparation Course in Hong Kong (HK)

IELTS Speaking Test Video Course HK


We are the experts in providing one to one IELTS tuition in Hong Kong. All our tutors are very experienced, internationally qualified, IELTS expert native speakers and will help you prepare for your exam.

IELTS Intensive Course HK

This is suitable for students who are going to take the exam soon.

You can choose to study the whole exam or concentrate on only specific papers e.g. Speaking and/or Writing. 
This is the most effective way to study for the IELTS exam to get the score result you want FAST.

Regular IELTS Tutorial

This is suitable for students who have more time to prepare.

IELTS Examiner Expert Tutor

Our native speaking, English born and internationally qualified IELTS experts have decades of experience in the IELTS exam. They know the IELTS test inside out and can give you intensive tuition as well as insider tips and tricks to push up your score in the exam. Many are IELTS examiners and know the specific techniques that will get you higher scores.

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