Business Presentation Skills Course (HK)

Course Code : PR10 These days being able to give effective presentations is a skill that affects not only business decisions but also your career success. The most successful people in business and government today are all powerful and effective presenters. Being able to give high impact presentations is a skill that every manager and senior executive needs.

The aim of this course is to enable participants to effectively give powerful oral presentations - either for business, governmental organisations or in academic situations. The course covers the whole communication process from the stage when you are planning your presentation to successful delivery. The objective of this course it to improve your overall presentations communication skills: verbal, written and non-verbal.

Methods This is a one-to-one presentation skills training course customised to your actual needs. We all have some presentation skills already with differing levels of ability. We therefore start off by analyzing your skills and presenting experience and find out what your learning objectives are. We then design a customised syllabus to improve on the areas where you need most attention in order for you to give dynamic, effective, and clear presentations with confidence. The trainer will give help, feedback and guidance in all skill areas and you will be encouraged to develop your own presentations style focusing on your actual needs and work situation. We have teachers from the USA and UK on our staff.

Materials The course uses professional customised presentations materials as well as text books and video resources. You are encouraged to bring in your own presentations as materials for use within the course.

The presentations training course is held at our conveniently located office in Wanchai Hong Kong.

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Customised Syllabus

Sample Areas Included in your Customised Syllabus below: (NB: the actual modules taught will be based on your own learning objectives)

    •    Understanding your audience and their needs
    •    Using the correct presentations language
    •    Proper use of voice and the importance of speech
    •    The importance of projecting yourself visually
    •    How non verbal communication can get your message across
    •    Effectively and efficiently planning presentations
    •    Presentations structure and organisation of key points
    •    Importance of rehearsal and methods for maximum success
    •    Effective and powerful openings
    •    Closing for maximum effect
    •    How your attire can affect the outcome of your presentation
    •    Proper use of audio-visual aids
    •    Handling nerves
    •    Building confidence so that you actually enjoy presenting
    •    Dealing with questions and difficult people
    •    Continuing presentation skills development

This course uses video feedback and includes an optional video disc of your own presentations.

After this course you will be able to Feel relaxed and confident when giving business presentations and be able to deliver powerful messages effectively.

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